However It can be the close friend, the doctor, which you to a konsultir et, the patronage sister, say, ktoto with whom you can otkro venno to share that you worries and who can give you the prices ny council.

Unfortunately, to ask for suggestions in questions of education still it is considered a shame.

However all of us know that to raise children difficult.

And are necessary to all parents support and timely council.

To be positive.

Cultivating in the child selfesteem and spo sobnost to express the feelings without hysterics, without going crazy, you thereby reduce a way to longawaited good to a pova to deniye.

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The child

The child The child has to lay out the scheme of the word said by you z to answer what in this word this or that sound is The previous task is performed still as follows: To Reba NOC has to call the word sounds first, third etc.

randomly The child has to think out words, in which chosen to you the sound would be on the place first, second etc.

in the word.

The child has to think out words in which it is defined places < at once two sounds: at first the first and the last, then other sounds.

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It vile. Ya. Do not speak

It vile. Ya. Do not speak Here it is cold.

Do not take off a sweater.


No, I am hot.


I told: Do not take off a sweater!


No, I am hot.


This TV show was boring.


No, it was very interesting.


It was silly.

We help children to consult with the feelings Ya.

It was instructive.


It vile.


Do not speak so!

See, what has happened?

Besides, that all our talk turned into disputes, I again and again ubezh gave children not to trust the feelings, and to put sya instead on mine.

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You can in Khabarovsk

You can in Khabarovsk Parents remember that at Iron Curtain, in any far seventy ninth or eightieth had no choice: study in Riga, then work in Pumice or in Perm.

You can in Khabarovsk if you love exotic.

Or the BaikalAmur highway go to build.

The youth had such choice.

Now the person thinks: God you mine!

Now the whole world is open for my daughter.

I will not lag behind, will not go yet.

I will din into the ears.

I will borrow money that she felt the obliged.

What you?

It it is necessary to be in general such ungrateful not to estimate the victim of mother or the victim of parents!

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If you managed

If you managed A small amount of the basic rules, to tory it is easy to remember, execute and which correspond to age of the child, will be more effective, than one thousand and one, which will be forgotten by a lunch.

If you managed to establish and fix these rules, on to measure of a growing of the kid to you will be enough only occasionally to remind of their existence.

Nevertheless, if you chuvst vut, as they were forgotten, perhaps, costs to you together with re benok to make the list of rules once again to discuss, that they mean and why are important.

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